Truck Registration

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For truck entry to the show on either Saturday 24 or Sunday 25 November 2018:

  • If trucks have preregistered for judging and have a numbered white/blue sticker issued at the entry gate to place on their windscreen, they will be directed straight into the sports ground and be prominently parked for judging by our traffic attendants.
  • If trucks have not preregistered but want to be judged, they will be directed on to the perimeter trotting track, and asked to pay the $30 registration fee for judging at the registration desk.  They will then be issued with a numbered white/blue sticker to be placed on their windscreen, and once this is done are allowed into the ground and be prominently parked for judging by our traffic attendants.
  • If trucks do not want to be judged, they will be issued with a red windscreen sticker, are required to pay an entry fee of $15.00and be directed straight into the ground to a display area.
  • Sponsors who wish to display trucks on the oval, will be provided with green stickers and arm bands for free entry to the ground by staff at the gate, then directed straight  onto the oval and be prominently  parked by our oval parking attendants. If sponsors want their trucks to be judged, they will be required to register for judging at the registration desk and issued with a numbered white/blue sticker to be placed on their windscreen.


This truck show is run by Castlemaine Rotary volunteer members to raise funds for humanitarian and educational activities throughout the community and the world. Rotary grants support projects that provide health care and medical supplies, clean water, food, job training, youth development and education to millions of people in need, particularly in the developing world. 



Saturday - 12 noon to 5pm with Live Music until 8.30pm, Open Air Movie from 9.00 - 11.00pm

Sunday - Parade/Convoy leaves 9.00am at the northern end of town in (Halford Street),

Sunday - 10am to 4pm


General Admittance                     

Kids under 12 FREE

Saturday  - $10 per person, Family $35

Sunday - $15 per person, Family $50


Entry Fees

Per Truck
$30 Includes driver + one adult (Fee is for two days), Kids under 16 FREE
$10 per person for any extra passengers
These fees cover the two days.                                                                                                                             

Pre-registration prior to the November 24 is strongly advised to assist you and us in ensuring a smooth entry.   Please download and complete the entry form. Click here to enter

Pre-registered entrants may collect an envelope on entry to the sports ground on Saturday 24 November or at the start of the parade on Sunday if you are not arriving until Sunday 25 November containing tickets and a numbered registration sticker that should be immediately placed on the windscreen of the vehicle. 


  • The organisers can only guarantee locations on the oval or within the sports ground to vehicles associated with event sponsors.
  • The organiser will do their best to locate multiple company vehicles together within the sports ground however this can only be assured with pre-registration and early arrival to the ground.



Any non truck show registered (no sticker on display) vehicles assembling for the parade/convoy on Sunday morning at the northern end of town will be positioned towards the rear of the convoy and on entering the sports ground directed to a marshalling area for registration and payment.

On receipt of payment and completed registration form, the vehicle will be directed to a select location on the outside of the oval.

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